The tender greeting of Kylie Jenner to Jazmyn, the younger sister of Justin Bieber (VIDEO)


The small received an unexpected and exciting congratulations on your 11 springs

Within the world of the show, as on any other hand, the bonds of friendship of a famous person to another usually also extend to the families of the same, and this time Kylie Jenner took care of repeating it.

With a brief but tender recorded video mode, selfie, the famous celebrity was given the task of congratulating Jazmyn one of the younger sisters of Justin Bieber for your birthday number 11.


One of their accounts of fan most important rescued the message on that Jenner dedicates these words to the little girl: “Hi, Jazzy. I’m Kylie. I just wanted to wish you a happy birthday at your house. I hope that you are safe and that you have the best day of your life.”

For its part, the little you shared on your personal account Instagram a beautiful zip at the side of all his brothers, including Justin and his sister-in-law Hailey.

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Celebrating my birthday today with this crazy fam.

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