The triumph of Rihanna beyond the music


Thirteen years after coming out to the rompepistas Pon de replay, Rihanna has been shown to have wood not only star and divabut true entrepreneur. With eight albums to their backs, and most of 250 million copies sold of them, nor Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Beyoncé or the very Madonna you may have shade in which to fill the coffers is concerned. And all this despite the fact that Barbados has four years without publishing new music, something that her fans carry the begging months.

Rihanna in Sydney during the party for the first anniversary of Fenty Beauty, your beauty mark.

Rihanna in Sydney during the party for the first anniversary of Fenty Beauty, your beauty mark.

However this week, the newspaper the Sunday Times published its annual list with the people richest in the Uk and Rihanna appears as the third in the category of singers in the ranking, just below Andrew Lloyd Webber and Paul McCartney, further highlighting as the first woman of the list. The reality is that this escalation triumphant is due to something more than their musical values because the true responsible has been the corporate vision that has been shown.

In February, during the act’n of new o’re in New York.

In February, during the presentation of his new collection in New York.

It all began in 2016, when it began to collaborate with fashion brands as a Puma or River Island. For the first even deployed all the artillery with shows in the fashion weeks of New York and Paris, and a more than good acceptance by critics and the public. In may of that same year it also launched its own brand of lingeriewith a show where the model casting was a celebration of diversity and inclusion.

Finally, in 2019, the conglomerate of fashion French LVMH announced that it created a signature next to it, thus creating Fenty and making Rihanna the first black woman to lead a brand of luxury fashion. But if this were not enough, the singer has managed to find a third way of business in the lucrative world of beauty. In 2017 launched Fenty Beautywhose cosmetic lines also advocate for the inclusiveness of women. Something that Time magazine considered the company as one of the best creations of the year.

In París, in may of 2019, presenting the first o’n of Fenty.

In Paris, in may of 2019, presenting the first collection of Fenty.

The fortune of Rihanna today it is estimated at $ 600 million and the sales volumes of their signatures placed between the entrepreneurs of the more successful of the panorama. So if that ninth disc that takes a year of promises, never comes, or if you decide not to go back to get on a stage, not vaticinamos a future nothing complicated, if it continues for this business line.