The Villa shows his musical evolution with the single “Look at me”


Open up a new generation of women exponents of the genre urban


Mexico.- The pair of sisters colombian Laura and Lucia, known as The Villa, bring under the arm their new single Look at me, working the singer Miky Woodz.

The topic, already available on digital platforms, intended to make the audience identify with the lyrics, as it refers to human relations in the present, which in the opinion of the singers, are superfluous.

“Rightly, since they all interact in front of a screen and are losing the beautiful thing that is a real relationship, with the feeling of emotions and this song is so that people can enjoy this drama”, said to Notimex Lucia Villa.

The duo female exponent of the genre urban, also expressed if, since its launch in 2019, up to now, you already have a style and identity that is defined in the music.

“We continue to experience, you need to be in constant change, because we don’t like to settle and if we add different elements to our music means that we’re going to evolve,” says Laura Villa.

Within a musical genre that has spread, mostly by men, The Villa open up to a new generation of women, however they have their own idols female.

“We admire very much to Shakira, for being colombian gave us the wings to dream of becoming singers and transfer limits. Thalia also is our icon, as well as Dua Lipa, Billie Eilish and other latinas like Becky G, Natti Natasha and Carol G”, they comment.

During the confinement caused by the pandemic COVID-19, The Village claim that they are in your home from Colombia and have had more time for other activities in addition to compose, added that this period also helped them to develop their creativity and write new songs that will come soon.