There will be a new album by Jenni Rivera to duet with Snoop Dogg


There will be a new album by Jenni Rivera to duet with Snoop Dogg

The material will include hits from the ‘Diva of the Band’ to duet with stars like Gloria Trevi, Lupillo Rivera, Becky G, Chiquis and the rapper american

Fernando Espinoza

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MAZATLAN._ The label of Jenni Rivera prepares a new album which will be released in the coming weeks. Although at first he had announced that premiered on July 2, the company’s music decided to delay it for the contingency by a coronavirus.

In the program “Tell me already”, for Televisa, the conductive mochitense Cynthia Urías, who was also a friend of Jenni Rivera, said that this new production will be duets and will include one with Snoop Dogg, as well as other artists from different musical genres.

“It turns out that the label of Jenni Rivera has saved a disk that is ‘Jenni Rivera and Duets’, obviously what they were going to get, but due to the contingency decided to postpone it,” said Uriah.

In the material involved Gloria Trevi, Chiquis, Lupillo Rivera, Becky G, and the new value of the regional mexican Snoop Dogg.

“It is not for nothing, but this album itself seems, obviously, are the successes of the Diva, recorded now with these singers, it will surely be a success, as all the legacy left, Jenni Rivera,” said Cynthia Urías.

It should be remembered that after the death of Jenni Rivera, which took place on December 9, 2012, his label took out the unreleased track “Apparently well”, which premiered a little over 10 months and which on YouTube has over 42 million views. And just two months ago, they released “Engañémoslo”, a theme also in the voice of the artist.

In addition, Lupillo Rivera premiered, three months ago, the theme of “let them bury me singing”, a duet with her late sister, Jenni, that is rumoured, will also be included in this album.

On the other hand, Snoop Dogg returned to join their talented regional mexican, then this became a trend the topic “What the hell”, a duet with Band MS that is placed in the first places of all of the lists of popularity and was a trend on Youtube for a week, and that two weeks of its release has more than 27 million views.

The social networks of the artist are still active and this Friday were transmitted live concerts that he gave in 2009 at the Nokia Theater.

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