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Several of our celebridades favorite have resorted to strict and controversial diets to quickly drop weight, however, they have also been questioned so harmful or dangerous that could be this type of diets.

Kim Kardashian

It is not a secret that the star of the reality show was one of the celebrities who turned to the diet ‘Atkins’ to lose substantial pounds of weight and even though he was a faithful follower of this regime over a long period, after he confessed that not worked as expected.

In this diet allows the intake of fats, red meats, sausages, eggs, cheeses, condiments, water, lemon juice, herbal teas and chicken broth, but they restrict fruit, some vegetables and some carbohydrates. Specialists point out that care must be taken with the control of cholesterol and triglycerides in this diet plan.

kim kardashian diet

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The singer had to undergo a rigorous diet that allowed him to eliminate those extra pounds to be part of the film “Dreamgirls”. It is the diet of the syrup (syrup) with which he managed to lose 10 kilograms in two weeks, and consists of drinking a concoction made with maple syrup (maple), which contains glucose, water and minerals such as phosphorus, zinc, calcium and magnesium, several times a day to detoxify the body, and its main ally is the fast.

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beyonce diet

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Recently, the british choreographer we are stunned by the impactate amount of weight that he lost in the recent dates thanks to the diet ‘sirtfoods’, which consists in taking a special group of foods rich in nutrients that help to strengthen sirtuins in the body (a type of protein found in plants). This diet is carried out in three phases over a certain period of time, in which the largest part is they drink only juices.

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Ashton Kutcher

Once, the actor was taken to a hospital emergency room after that presented problems of health because of a diet that was harmful. Ashton had to lose weight to star in Steve Jobs on the screen, to do this, followed the diet plan which consists of eating only fruits and vegetables free of starch, however, this led to failure in the pancreas and a long hospitalization. He revealed in the presentation of the film in question; “JOBS”.

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Megan Fox

For several years, the actress was considered a sex symbol of the big screen, but to keep that stylized image, it is said that he drank lots of vinegar-to-day with the purpose of cleaning your stomach constantly.

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