Todd Tilghman, pastor of 41 years, is the winner of ‘The Voice’

Without a doubt, this last season of ‘The Voice’ will go down in history, because, due to the coronavirus outbreak in the American Union, the reality show had to end with various live broadcasts from the homes of the contestants, as well as the judges, giving as a result a final completely virtual.

During this season, the acclaimed program of the NBC was Blake Shelton, Nick Jonas, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson as judges those who, from the past February 24, in charge of selecting the best voices in the country of bars and stars.

And although all did a great job, the team Blake Shelton ended up the win, making this the seventh occasion in which the singer wins since he is a judge on ‘The Voice’; and that is, none of this would have been possible without the great voice of Todd Tilghman, pastor of 41 years that gave the victory to the team Shelton

From the auditions, Todd loved the four judges with the potential of his voice, and even if Nick Jonas tried to persuade him, pointing out that his father is also a pastor, Tilghman chose to join team Shelton, where she stayed for the whole season, until the day of yesterday, when the public voted on the winner.

It is worth mentioning that the team Shelton had two finalists, Todd Tilghman and Toneisha Harris, who finished in second place, while the team Jonas was positioned third with Thunderstorm Artis.

Shakira, Karol G, Bebe Rexha and more in the final of ‘The Voice’

As part of the special issue, the production of ‘The Voice’ had to figure out how to give a great presentation, so that the judges and the finalists joined their voices with Shakira and Bebe Rexha through a large number virtual.

By his side, Karol G is also joined to the end of this critically acclaimed reality shows, that, through the premiere of the video his most recent musical production, ‘X’, which is a collaboration with the Jonas Brothers.

There is No doubt that this last season of ‘The Voice’ will go down in history as the most ingenious and innovative of all, because he had never seen anything like it since it started its transmission in 2011.