Venus Williams will star in a new television show with the star of the NFL Rob Gronkowski


The tennis stars are finding a way to stay relevant even in these times, where its presence is minimal. Venus Williams has found a way to keep your place on the television while staring in a programme on CBS with Rob Gronkowski.

The show is called Game On and will present some challenges for amazing will be made by these two athletes of renown. The presence of Venus is obviously a great attraction, but Gronkowski is a big name in the united States. Representing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League (NFL).

Many fans also know him through his appearances in World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) that saw him appear at Wrestlemania. This is enough to generate curiosity with regard to the show. Let’s find out more details about this new project which will be presented on television.

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What will the program with Venus Williams and Rob Gronkowski, once it begins airing?

The show will be presented by comedian Keegan-Keegan-Michael Key. Premiering Wednesday on CBS.

It is a series of comedy sports, who will be based in the Uk program called A League Of They Own. Venus and Gronkowski will travel adventures while participating in sports as diverse as sumo wrestling, table football-size natural and rhythmic gymnastics. In addition, Venus and Gronkowski will lead two rival teams with three members each.

Rob Gronkowski

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Comedians Bobby Lee and Ian Karmel will also be part of the show. There will be some celebrity guests that will continue spinning in the program, for example, James Corden and Demi Lovato. The program has great possibilities of success considering the big names involved and the money with a unique concept. People are looking for more and more content in these times. Do you think that this show can be a successful initiative of Venus Williams?