Video Mia Khalifa boasts the incredible change in your body


Mia Khalifa has been left numb to all his followers and not only for its beauty, if not for his incredible change that it has obtained a base of hard training.

In their social networks, the former actress shared two videos one long and one from the present, where you can see your abdomen.

In the first image is more than evident that she was not wearing a routine very heavy exercise and the present Khalifa boasts an abdomen that is marked as a professional fitness.

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The model had received strong reviews for his physical, there were also those who expressed on social media their concern for her when he described his body as “extreme thinness”.

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Mia Khalifa did not stay silent in the face of these comments, and shared a video in which he states that it is not thin, if not strong.

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The famous asked the internet users to get off the couch to do exercise as she was doing, ensuring that this is the cause of their change in body image.

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In the past few months the famous have shared on their social networks, how is coaching and it is evident the strength of their abdomen; however, many claim that their arms are too thin.