Why Shawn Mendes ignores Justin Bieber? | Big bang


A new chapter in the history of lights and shadows between Justin Bieber and Shawn Mendes has “burned” the social network. After several ups and downs in the relationship between the two, in which alternate samples of admiration and pullitas almost equally, it seems that both artists have decided not to conceal, on this occasion, and ignored completely, something that has left stunned fans.

The creator of Yummy and Miss agreed an event in honor of Sir Lucian Grainge in the Walk of Fame of Hollywood and, despite sharing several pictures together, in any heading just a look. Although, the video that has attracted the attention above all is one in which Mendes it completely ignores to Justin Bieber and only greets Sam Smith, who was also at the event.

But, where does the enmity between Justin and Shawn?

If we go back to the year 2016, it was the Justin he showed his admiration to his companion of profession. Yes, after a few popular statements by then in which he claimed that he did not know who he was Shawn Mendes. It seems that he took time to listen to him and the result he liked.

However, all indications are that the focus of the misunderstanding between the two artists is as guilty a publication of the magazine The Observer Magazinein which put the creator of Stitches on the cover accompanied by the headline “Prince of pop”, a nickname that Bieber felt like yours. Before this, the phenomenon of adolescence did not hesitate to openly show their dissatisfaction, commenting: “Hmmm… you’re going to have to break more records to take me off the throne, friend. But if you want we can play hockey, although I have been told that you’re not very good…”

For what they still wonder about the supposed animosity between the canadians, there is one more detail to add to the history and, is that, both artists have shared something more than music: a story of love with Hailey Baldwin. The present wife of Justin Bieber had an affair with Mendes and, although they were good and even the singer congratulated the model for your wedding with Justinas commented to the magazine Rolling Stone, it is not a matter that add points to the growing sympathy between the two. Yes, now that Shawn shares his life with Camila HairNow , Justin seems to be happy with it, because, in the popular publication, in which they shocked the world with a peculiar kiss, the singer of Baby he commented: “You are very rare. I like it.” One of lime and another of sand, on this occasion, it seems that it has been inclined by the less friendly.