Wife of Messi surprises by revealing all of the operations of Shakira


The alleged rivalry that exists between the wife of Lionel Messi, Antonela Rocuzzoand the colombian singer Shakira, has been one of the things that has generated rumors in the past few months. However, something much more delicate came to light and is apparently the argentina revealed to the Spanish press, the operations that it has been made the interpreter of “Eyes as Well”.

Several media reported that the situation occurred at the end of 2019, when, in a supposed press conference, the beautiful rosario said that nothing of the body of Shakira it has to do with the results of the exercises but of steps for the operating room.

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The information, which turned out to doubtful for the fans, but widespread among the media, argues that Antonela pointed out that Shakira would be on more of a liposuction in the body combined with rhinoplasty, facelift and chin surgery.

As the rumors, the wife of Lionel Messi do not get along well with Shakira, because she is a very good friend of the ex of Gerard PiqueNuria Tomásand she was convinced that the colombian singer had gotten into the relationship.

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The alleged difference between the two occupied headlines for a long time. However, when asked to Shakira if the “enmity” was true, she was blunt to ensure that everything was a lie: “I do not know where came out of that. I do not understand to anything because many times we have seen together. Someone came up to say nonsense like this, and it seems that it has taken a lot of strength to the rumor,” said the singer.

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Shakira and Antonella Roccuzzo tried to put an end to the enmity

At the beginning of 2019, Shakira and Antonella Roccuzzo held that the Barcelona come out a champion of the League. They are encouraged to take a photo together to make it clear that between them there is some kind of enmity.

For years it has been speculated with the enmity between the argentinean and the colombian, something that goes back to the beginnings of the relationship of the singer with Pique. However, the truce would have lasted a little.

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Reveal why Antonella Roccuzzo not get along well with Shakira

A Spanish he explained what would be the reason why Antonella Roccuzzo “hates it,” the colombian singer Shakira. A character in the love life of Gerard Pique could have caused the enmity.

It is known that the wife of Lionel Messi he was a great friend of Núria Tomás, who was the former spouse of Pique. They shared parties of the Barcelona FC, and travel to the group of wives of football players.

According to the information that slipped daily Goal, argentina would have seen with bad eyes the new romance of Gerard Piquebecause that would have blamed Shakira to be the person that ruined the loving relationship.

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Shakira and Karol G will be part of the final of ‘The Voice’

NBC announced that the singers colombian Shakira and Karol G (photo) would be part of the final of the reality show of singing, The Voice, american edition.

The singer of Waka Waka would participate from his home in Spain, in a live broadcast of the program that is scheduled to last two hours.

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