Will Smith is faced with himself as Agent J from Men in Black in the video of TikTok ‘Wipe It Down’

The actor takes the challenge to “Wipe It Down” to a whole new level, even if you swear you don’t remember having filmed the video.

Will Smith is the latest celebrity in the “Wipe It Down” as part of the viral challenge current TikTok, because what else is going to do while you are in quarantine?

However, it will be better than take care, as there may be something of another world about this challenge that we have yet to realize.

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Of course, the Internet exploded recently when JoJo Siwa took on the challenge of revealing that there is a teen quite common beneath all those rainbows, but what if there are secrets much more big reveal?

For Will, joked that not even he remembered having filmed his video iconic instantly. Normally, the cleaning reveals an aspect dramatically changed for the person who does the cleaning of the mirror, but Will be found, with a flash of the past.

Waiting for your permission to upload TikTok Post.

And then a flash more literal.

Hilariously, it was his character, Agent J in the original “Men in black” franchise which was revealed during the cleaning, making two appearances fast.

In the second, holding the neuralyzer patented of the film, used to erase the memories of any human who has seen a lot about the existence of extraterrestrial life.


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Then J was cleaning up to Will because he had seen J or because they Will saw something that should not have seen. Considering that Will was looking at a reflection of yourself, what you are saying the Agent J Will Smith 2020 is an alien? Perhaps there’s a little alien inside of him, driving her body?

Is this the plot of the upcoming movie “Men in black” when Agent J has the task of closing his look of Hollywood before you expose everything about the organization when making a movie ironically about a mysterious government organization that does not exist to hide the existence of extraterrestrials?

Yes, you would probably see that.

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