Wrong Tatiana Cloutier and congratulates parody of Elena Poniatowska on Twitter


Listen the note:

The vicecoordinadora of the base of the Movement of Regeneration Nacional (Morena), Tatiana Cloutier made a mistake on social media, that generated a carload of criticism.

To congratulate the writer Elena Poniatowska, on his birthday, 88, legislator federal erred by directing their congratulations to a Twitter account that parodies the author of the novel “hasta no verte Jesús mío”.

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“We congratulate our beloved @Elenaponiatosca. Best and thanks to life x the gift of having you”, he wrote literally in his Twitter account, @tatclouthier.

The false account that he directed the deputy Cloutier Carrillo, even incorrectly written, in order to make clear that it is a parody.Even, the last tweet from the account false @Elenaponiatosca, dating back to December 2011, a little map of eight years, which reaffirms that account is a fake.

The criticism against the deputy Cloutier rained down on the social network Twitter. Questioned his mode of writing, that in some of his messages makes mistakes, has failed with the surname correct English, and not enough who, in terms less stringent, you will recall that the real account on Twitter of the author: @Eponiatowska.