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The end of the second season of “You” he left the way prepared for a third installment of the series Netflix and to the fans with a big question: who is the woman lives next door to Joe and Love? By the words of the protagonist will become your obsession in the next few episodes and on her identity have already been some theories.

Not yet revealed details of the plot or the actors who will join Penn Badgley and Victoria Pedretti, but Bella Throne has already shown its interest in the fiction created by Greg Berlanti and Sera Gamble.

The interpreter of 22 years, shared in their social networks, a fan art, which shows Thorne in an alleged poster of the third season of “You”. Immediately, thousands of fans of both the actress as the series began to speculate about the participation of the exestrella Disney in the next batch of episodes.

For now, this is a joke of the girl and controversial actress, but can not rule out joining the cast of the second season.

This is not the first time that Bella Throne manifested their desire to participate in a youth series, a while ago published in his account of Instagram a photo next to Angus Cloud and Jacob Elordi, actors of the successful series of HBO, “Euphoria”.

His fans began to speculate about his income to the series and Throne, in response to one of the comments, said that if she was “the new love interest of Zendaya, the internet would explode”. Bella and Zendaya worked together on the set of Disney’s “Shake it up” for 3 years.


Bella Thorne has a project that will premiere this 2020, it is “Girl” a thriller that follows a young man who returns to his small hometown with the intention of killing her abusive father only to discover that someone killed the previous day. While the girl searches for answers, she discovers a family legacy is more dangerous than I had imagined.

Also, is filming “Masquerade”, a thriller with the young actress will debut as a director. Shane Dax Taylor will be in charge of producing along with Steven Schneider (Insidious, Glass) and Kenneth Burke (Soul Surfer).


At the end of the second installment of the “You”, it is revealed that it was Love who killed Delilah, that’s why when Candace tried to save her from Joe found only death. Love tells you to ‘Will’ as he saw only the fantasy of a girl, perfectly imperfect, she saw the real Joe, and he went after him to form the family that you so much craved.

The plan of Love to work out rid of the situation was to blame Ellie for the death of Henderson, to send the best family lawyer Queen to release it and make it appear to the authorities that Delilah killed herself.

While Joe tries to help Ellie to escape it all, Forty he confronts his sister and tells her that he knows the truth and what she is capable of. Desperate, Forty pulls out his gun and points it to him in front of Joe, but the shot that is heard does not come from his gun, but an officer who was guarding Ellie and came to the place to avoid a “tragedy.”

In the end, Joe seems to have found her soul mate in Love, who is pregnant. But a new obsession comes into his life, a new neighbor, who ultimately would be the victim of Joe in the third season of “You” or, perhaps, of Love.

So soon, the son of Love and Joe could change the dynamic of the series Netflix. in addition, there are several loose ends: will the real Will return? Can Ellie discover the truth about the death of your sister? Who is the mysterious woman who has become the new all for Joe? Is there someone from your past?