10 songs that Lady Gaga set the course of pop | Music


Although she had never gone, it can now be said loud and clear: youLady Gaga has returned! The pop diva for more than a decade found in the provocation the secret ingredient to their success, knowingly, mix carefully with high doses of talent and innovation is in the focus of the trends thanks to the announcement of his next album: Chromatica. For if we had not had enough with the single of presentation, Stupid Love, and its music video, recorded with a iPhone 11, now we are also looking forward to the moment to enjoy their live with their new international tour!

But, if there is something that has become to Lady Gaga in one of the voices essential of our time is, as it could not be of another way, their music. So, while we wait for impatient the arrival of your next job, we’ve compiled ten of his songs indispensable.

Just Dance

It was the song with which many met Lady Gaga and a real success in the year 2009. An issue that we all have danced and who crowned the singer inside the world of electronic pop as one of the essential dance tracks.

Poker Face

One of the classics within the repertoire of Gaga and his consecration as a diva of discotheques. In addition, he was one of the songs chosen for its show of half-time Super Bowl. If this outside little, The american magazine Rolling Stone included in its list of the 100 best songs of the decade of the 2000s.


You may Alejandro has not been the song with the most notable in the career of Lady Gaga, but what is not in doubt is that it was one of the most sung at his time and one of the most often associated with a sexual content.

Born This Way

The face more demands of the artist raised the voice in this Born this way which gave its name to their second album. Compared in his early days with Express Yourself of Madonnathis song was converted from 2011 until now, in a hymn of empowerment of various groups, by appealing to equality.

The Edge of Glory

This is another one of the simple most legendary inside of the second album of the artist. Recognizable by practically everyone, with he Gaga proved once more that even outside of the dance floor shining. A song that came to be versioned, nothing more and nothing less than, by Nick Jonas.

Million Reasons

Composed and produced together with Mark Ronson, Lady Gaga presented on this topic at their most calm, and also your touch of country. It is located within Joanne.

Bad Romance

This is probably one (if not the most) well-known video clip of Lady Gaga and the first video in the history of YouTube in more than 200 million visits. Unmistakable and iconic where there, is for many the best song of Lady Gaga.

Telephone ft. Beyoncé

The more pure style Thelma and Louise, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé they made history with this topic, thanks, above all, the powerful music video that accompanies it. Virtually a short film that is already part of the history of pop culture.


Within the soundtrack of A star is born and accompanied by Bradley Cooper (and for all the rumors of romance) Shallow it was the song that led him to become a Oscar Award. Now, to Gaga he has left a tough competitor, playing this song.

Stupid Love

After his controversial filtration, Lady Gaga not changed his plans and remained Stupid Love as the first single from Chromatica. A return to the essence of its inception, with a sound with touches of disco, dance and, as could not be otherwise, a video clip that verges on the psychedelic.

I lift the hand who is impatient for the arrival of the new album Lady Gaga!