A theory states what are the same person?


Boredom during confinement is clearly selective. Anyone who has ever succumbed to the temptation and downloaded the new app for fashion know that it is very easy to have fun. We are referring to Tik Tok and its millions of new videos that are uploaded every day to the platform that are getting the hours to pass faster. Each video is a world, and the last that has gone viral ensures that Sam Smith and Adele are the same person.

So as you read it, a user Latin american named Alex Ten ensures that perhaps we are living a situation similar to Hannah Montana but with the artists of ‘Hello’ and ‘Stay with me’. The main test comes from another tik tok in which an internet user you are listening to a vinyl of Adele and have to slow down the music begins to sound as if it was Sam Smith who interprets the songs.

This has tripped the alarms for this guy who has sought and found more evidence to support your theory: The two are british and never have been seen posing in a picture together. In addition, both Adele like Sam Smith, have composed a song for the James Bond films and won an Oscar award for it.

What is most curious is that the times of success of the two alternate. And when Sam Smith is succeeding and in the eye of the media storm Adele disappears, and vice versa. That’s why it will never been seen in a event together. In addition, the two have lost weight in the same period of time.

Alex Ten has no doubt that his physical look and perform aesthetic touches to change character. Soon the fans of conspiracies have been linked to this theory with great enthusiasm.