Alaina Castle, the emerging artist of Latin pop, presents “voice Messages”


He began his career performing covers of artists he admires, to become ídola of millions of people. Alaina Castillo presents this Friday at 20 hours from their Youtube channel his new EP in Spanish “Voice messages”four themes that reflect his growth in the music.

“It’s a step vulnerable to not think too much, get stressed, and learning to let things aside. Each song has something to do with a part of me that remains hidden most of the time, but you can only go out when I’m singing and without having to think about what I’m saying“reflects the artist over his material.

Alaina Castle | Photo: Courtesy of the press

Are all the moments in which I take my thoughts to the notes on my phone and I only say what I feel very fast to be able to bring it to light. I wanted to do something like this because we all go through difficult times, but what is important is the process of moving forward and the process of forgiving,” he adds.

In times of confinement and in the world to fight against a pandemic, the art comes to you as a company, it becomes refuge. “Life is going to stink sometimes, but to have music to help you in those moments is what really matters in the end,” expressed the artist.

Alaina Castle is an artist bilingual that fuses styles and languagessings in English and Spanish, combines his Latin roots with his love for R&B, pop and hip-hop. Raised in Houston and based in Los Angeles, has cultivated more than 2 million followers.

She recently presented her EP above, “Don’t ever look back”produced by ROMANS (Demi Lovato, Alicia Keys, John Legend). Now shows “voice Messages” that includes their four singles: “A child”,”don’t ever look back”, “Sad like me” and “The message”.

With over 26 million transmissions, and more 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Alaina is planted as an artist on the rise of Latin pop.

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