Alex Morgan announces her pregnancy


Alex Morgan announced on Wednesday that it is pregnant. The u.s., international with selection and player of Orlando Pride, waiting for her first baby together with her partner, also a soccer player Servando Carrasco. As announced in its account of Instagram, with a image in which revealed that it will be a girl and that his birth is scheduled for April 2020.

“We are already in love and not even have known. The member newest of the family Carrasco, that will come soon,” wrote the footballer along with several photos that appear next to the beach with your partner.

The expected date for the birth of the child corresponds to, approximately, three months before the Olympic games of Tokyo. The margin of time to be to the point be brief, but according to NBC Sportsa source close says that Morgan has intended to go with the united States in the olympics. Something that could be possible according to the agreement that exists between the women’s national team and the Football Federation of the united States.

The players that are part of the Selectionas is the case of Morgan, and they become pregnant have the right to return to the list of players to national during the first three months after her maternity leave. That allows soccer players to work with the rest of the team to earning a spot in the calls. On the other hand, the agreement with the Russian Federation also stipulates that women may receive the half of his salary during his low maternity. However, this situation occurs only with the players that are part of the Selection. The rest is more complicated.

Without the obligation to pay during the low

The regulations for maternity leave in the united States dates back to 1993, when president Bill Clinton signed a law which guaranteed to the workers 12 weeks of maternity leave, but without pay. For this reason, companies are not required to pay their employees during their leave, just to keep his job.

In the case of the women’s leaguethe National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL), there is a specific agreement for the cases of maternity, and the form in which it is managed depends on each team and player. The clubs do have that comply with the contracts of their players, but are not obligated to renew if they end up during the low of the players, which tend to be more extensive than the twelve months stipulated by the law american. All in all, the NWSL has had more of a case of players who have been mothers and have returned to compete with their teams.

One of the more recent is the of Sydney Leroux, a partner of Morgan in Orlando Pride. The player had his second son on the 28th of June, and a month later joined the workouts with your computer, until you return to play in a match three months and a day after giving birth. In addition, the player, participated in workouts with their teammates while pregnant nearly six months. If Morgan is in keeping with the goal of traveling to Tokyo 2020, it is possible that you try to follow the example of his companion costume.

Fear of pregnancy in Spain

The situation for the footballers in Spain it is much more complicated in the united States. Motherhood is a taboo subject among the players due to a lack of convention or law to protect their positions in the teams. On the other hand, some players have clauses antiembarazo in their contracts. The situation, yes, it depends on each team.

One of the capitanas of Barcelona, Vicky Losada, he spoke about it in an interview earlier this season. The footballer said that the Barca “never” destituiría to a player by getting pregnant, but he admitted that other teams have a different attitude. For this reason, Losada said that some companions of profession they reject motherhood for their careers by fear they end up prematurely. In 2018, none of the players of the First Division was a mother.