Alexa Dellanos forget the bikinis and tanguitas, and so it protects against coronavirus


Alexa Dellanos have followed the instructions of the authorities and experts during the pandemic coronavirus. The daughter of Myrka Dellanos it has been kept in quarantine and practiced the social distancing to avoid further spreading the COVID-19.

In one of your publications on Instagram, the young woman was seen as took measures to avoid the contagion, and for that you had to forget the bikinis and the tanguitas.

Alexa posed with a mask and gloves so as to not transmit the virus.

“As a young person, I want to create a consciousness that he might be able to survive the COVID-19 but could infect someone who does not what to do,” he wrote. “I’m doing everything necessary to take precautions against this pandemic. I send love to all those people affected by the coronavirus”.