Amber Heard wants to clean your sheet of life


USA, Los Angeles.- The trials and
lawyers! Amber Heard has hired one of the co-founders of the Fund
Legal defense of Time’s Up in an effort to remove the demand by
defamation of 50 million dollars that made him her ex-husband Johnny Depp.

Attorney Roberta Kaplan has joined
the legal team of Amber and the sources of Variety have pointed out that it will not be
compensated through the fund. Johnny filed a lawsuit for defamation
against the model after she published an opinion article in which
he talked about the reaction that he received after accusing him of domestic violence.

He says that the accusation has caused you financial damages, but the legal team of Amber says that it was never mentioned in the opinion article. “Fundamentally, and contrary to the premise of the case of Mr. Depp, it was not about him and what he did to Ms. Heard for her marriage,” said Kaplan in a motion to dismiss the complaint. “It was she, and what happened after she showed up,” he said.


“In the opinion of Mr. Depp… the Sr.
Heard never you can talk about the backlash he suffered after
report it, or about the death threats against him, without accusing him
implicitly of abuse”, he added. “It can’t be true that every time the Lady
Heard talk about their experiences and beliefs with regard to the movement
#MeToo, or the response of the company to the same, their statements are
construed as to imply that Mr. Depp abused her,” she continues

“While Mr Depp can believe that everything that says the Mrs. Heard is in reality about him, the readers blessed with an understanding of the use of the English language and the context can easily discern otherwise, especially in an article of political opinion such as this,” said Kaplan says the specializing Just Jared.