Angelina Jolie donates a million dollars to help children affected by coronavirus

Angelina Jolie
Getty Images

We humans have proven that we know how to make a common front in the face of adversity and come together to contribute from our side as well. Before the crisis the pandemic coronavirus we have been witnesses of many acts of heroism and altruism. The fashion industry has changed its rotation to do everything that is in your hands to help to combat the global crisis through a variety of actions. The celebrity, in turn, have made donations in the millions to the cause by following the example of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively who were some of the first.

One of the most recent celebrity who just join the list of contributions with nothing less than a million dollars to fight against the coronavirus is the actress and director Angelina Jolie.

Jolie has always been involved with causes and altruistic and has shown a particular interest in defending issues related to children. It is for this reason that this contribution has gone to the foundation No Kid Hungry, dedicated to providing support to schools in the united States. “Starting this week, more than a thousand million children do not go to school all over the world due to closures related to the coronavirus. Many depend on the care and nutrition they receive during the school hours, including nearly 22 million children in the united States. No Kid Hungry is making efforts to reach out to as many children as possible,” he says in a press release.

The support of Angelina will not be limited to the US, as it plans to do the same educational centers in countries such as Afghanistan, Cambodia, Kenya and Namibia through its foundation Maddox Jolie Pitt, which you created in the name of the eldest of the six children he had with his ex, Brad Pitt.