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For the Day of the woman, the american magazine The ‘Time’ published a writing created by the famous of Hollywood Angelina Jolie, who was inspired by her daughters to talk about the respect and love that a girl should receive.

In the essay, Jolie begins narrating with a harsh reality that faces with two of their daughtersbecause of health problems, but that he encouraged her to talk about the well-being of the woman.

I have spent the last two months going in and out of surgeries with my oldest daughter and days ago I saw your younger sister to go under the knife for a hip surgery,” said the actress after telling that his daughters were aware that she was going to publish the situation.

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The other children of Jolie have been a key role in the whole process of recovery of her sisters. So he told the famous born in Los Angeles, who added that his two daughters, with health problems, have been a support between them.

Jolie along with Brad Pitt, with whom she divorced in 2019, had six children. Three of them are biological and three are adopted.

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To close his essay, Jolie said that it was his wish that “all value the girls and care for them. If they grow strong,your health will be better and so will be able to contribute to their family and to the community.”

In addition, the actress invited the girls, in general, to fight. “If you take care of between yourselves, get very far. Do not be alarmed. Know your rights and never let someone to tell them that they are not precious and special. First of all, the equity”, he wrote.

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