Anna Kendrick surprised with his confession of `amorpor Ryan Gosling


With his innocent and shy smile, Anna Kendrick it is the embodiment of sweetness. However, we just know a little bit more of your true ‘I’ after he made a confession what is inappropriate? in his account of Twitter on the Monday night.

The girl of 27 years, he wrote that he was ecstatic in his seat when he saw the new movie Ryan Gosling, ‘Gangster Squad‘.

Like many women lately, Anna seems to have a ‘crush’ with the handsome actor of 32 years, who at his age is quickly becoming a heartbreaker.

The tweet Kendrick he said, verbatim: ‘Osh, I don’t see a movie Ryan Gosling in a cinema; apparently pleasure himself in the back row is still considered inappropriate’.

In accordance with Daily Mailthis bold message will spread like a virus in the network, since it has been retweeted! at least 25 thousand times in these three days, which means that not only is Kendrick has fantasized with being in the place of any of the girls of Gosling.