Arath Herce facing the “Fear” with their long-awaited new single


After months of waiting finally comes to digital platforms “Fear”, the new song and official video of Arath Herce, the young talent that has won the hearts of great music.

At the end of last year, Arath Herce had shared a short home video where he was playing “Scared”, an unreleased track that with just a minute to the attention of a public who soon became the captive of his verses. Melissa Robles of Matisse devoted a cover, composers such as Cecy Leos, Kurt, and Paul Preciado highlighted his talent.

In addition, after the discovery of the video the artist puerto rican five-times winner of the Latin Grammys, Kany Garcia, invited the young to join their tour around Mexico. “Still she would not give to know my music and it gave me the opportunity to share it with your audience”told Arath Herce in a video shared on networks. This is because it was not the first time you were because when he was a child he came to know the puerto rican then a show, and then exchanging words motivated him to keep composing.

So that “Fear” is the result of those years of work. “Sometimes the man clings to places that are only passing through. Relationships that should be temporary, where there is little to live and learn. But one is left there by fear. This song is inspired in all those relationships that I have seen. Where people want to go, but is left”explained Arath Herce, who co-produced the issue in England, along with Jake Gosling, producer of artists the likes of Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, James Bay, The Libertines, among others; same that you shared on their networks “it was a pleasure to have worked with you and your lyrics, are brilliantly beautiful and honest. This is the music”.

As well as the rest of the subjects the long-awaited debut album Balboa“Scared” comes accompanied by an official video that tells the first part of a story that we met for the first time with “Rain”. “I’ve always liked the albums, the idea of listening to an album from beginning to end. The idea with the videos is something similar. That you could see through and that together form a story. As if each video was a scene, and together make a film. So I wrote a story for each one of the songs on the album. ‘Fear’ is the first part”.

This is an exciting launch because with only two official theme previews, the composer already has in digital platforms such as Spotify, with more than 460k listeners monthly. And is that the verses of Arath Herce are the result of a work through the record, it has earned the admiration of artists such as Leonel Garcia, who recently collaborated with the young for a new version of “Rain”. This without leaving of side that recently Herce was invited to join “I will Resist”, a topic where important personalities of the music gave voice to a hymn of hope and fortitude in the face of the current pandemic. Among the participants are: Camila, Leonel García, Ha*Ash, River, Rome, Aida Cuevas, among others.