As Adele, Mia Khalifa also boasts of its amazing physical change with a video


Mia Khalifa has left to become to stop with the open mouth to their followers, although this opportunity was due not only for its beauty.

And the reason is because the exactriz porn and model born in Lebanon showed his incredible physical change, something that caused as much amazement as something of concern, such as happened recently with the singer Adele.

In social networks many of their followers did not see with good eyes the considerable low weight of Khalifa in recent months, supported in a rigorous physical training.

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However, the renowned actress is responsible to demonstrate to the journal that is healthier than never, and that their amendments have to feel better each time with your body.

For this reason, decided to upload it to your account Instagram a video soon to be viral, where it looks like he changed his figure.

In the first image for a long time, it is more than obvious that she was not wearing a exercise routine, but now Mia Khalifa boasts a abdomen marked as a professional fitness.

Many fans were concerned by the extreme thinness of the lebanese.

Many fans were concerned by the extreme thinness of the lebanese.

“A year ago today, vs. TODAY, at least now I know that Robert says seriously when he says that loves me at any weightbecause I proposed marriage before”, write next to the image.

The model of lebanese do not stop to disclose their workout routines and how that allows her to connect with herself and with her body. Anyway, on Twitter there are many users who speculate that that thinness could be due to a box of depression, or perhaps an illness that is more complex.

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However, Mia is in charge of denying rumors and claims that it is looking forward that the pandemic coronavirus pass as quickly as possible to you can marry the chef Swedish, Robert Sandberg.

More than a year of its commitment, in June they were going to pass by the altar, but her plans suffered several modifications.

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“We went to Chicago for a weekend and we had a wonderful dinner at Smyth. I proposed to Mia and she said YES. The ring was hidden in a bowl of dry ingredients, and came out when he pulled a new portion,” said the cook, in reference to his romantic proposal of marriage.

By soon, the couple had to postpone the long-awaited moment for some time. Meanwhile, apparently, Khalifa will continue his training and diet.