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Becky G celebrate a new success in his career, and this time it is not by the release of a song. In this opportunity, the young singer was held to have exceeded the barrier of 25 million followers on your profile official Instagram.

To thank you for all the affection he receives from his audience, Rebbeca Marie Gomez -real name of the american of mexican origin – has shared an image on his social network where he wears white pants and a sweatshirt open, revealing his worked out abdomen.

“Mode: – 25 million of you. Thank you a thousand times for always loving me and supporting me. It is a blessing to grow with you. I am going to celebrate at home in honor of each of you. Here is a picture of the last time that I got out before that happened all of this madness”wrote alongside the snapshot.

As was expected, the message of Becky G was responded to immediately by their unconditional fans, who filled with positive messages and congratulations on your ascending career in music.

In recent years, Becky G has become next to Karol G (30 million followers) and Natti Natasha (24.2 million followers) is one of the singers most important latino in the category (urban, and its popularity has been reflected in the number of followers on their social networks.

As in Instagram, the number of subscribers you have on Youtube shows the great interest of the users in the music of the young performer for 23 years. More than 16 million people are subscribed to your channel in the platform of videos, where your video clips outweigh the millions of reproductions.


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