Bella Thorne displays her follies, and fantasies with little clothing


Bella Thorne is heading to be the person who gave what to talk about in 2019, for countless moments that took place at the social networks.

In addition, to be considered among the 100 most influential women and inspiradorasseleccionadas by the BBC.

The former star of Disney, Bella Thorne, dabbled in the film industry for adults, but also revealed his soul to the world.

Thorne released his first book, The Life Of A Wannabe Mogul: Mental Disarray, a series of poems, dark and personal that focus on despair, isolation and sexual assault.

The actress shared this Sunday, two short videos, which generated a number of comments, most applauding the follies of the young woman of 22 years, who generally show their special moments, most of them with little clothing.

Bella appears in a bikini next to the flag of the united States, but also by sweeping the fallen leaves of the trees, as well as working on your computer.

Also making mischief with a knife and other weapons.

Under the spotlight

Remember that a few months received a series of photographs of them naked, and before someone to publish them, she decided to do it.

“I’m coming out of an interview and I’m already crying, talking about the book, and I look at my phone and see several photos of me naked,” she recalls.

Looking at the photos that are intimate that once sent him to an old lover, Bella was shocked. He called his agent for advice.

In his book, Beautiful detailing the sexual abuse she endured as a little girl -omitting the identity of his abuser – and explains how his fear that he will not believe he did not report the crime.

Using their social networks -seven million followers on Twitter, 22 million on Instagram, and 9 million on Facebook – published it herself photos toples, along with prints of screens that showed the texts threatening, sent to the hacker, and your own message.

“I am posting this because NOW IS MY DECISION, you CAN’T TAKE ANYTHING.”