Bella Thorne launched ‘Forbidden Flowers’, his own brand of marijuana


The beautiful actress that every day millions of hearts has been shown to not be just a pretty face, that now has decided to take its first steps as an entrepreneur, undertaking in the business of the marijuana.

In accordance with Forbesthe former child star of Disney you are mixing passion with business, to launch your brand “Forbidden Flowers” dabbling in the world, the cannabis, plant which she consumes and that has already spoken on previous occasions.

Recently, Bella Thorne he has shared through his account of Instagram with great excitement, announcing that, at just six weeks of its new and peculiar company to take your product officially on sale, has been exhausted.

In an interesting interview with the publication, Thorne has shared all of your thoughts and upcoming projects, from this foray into the marijuana industry until his own personal experience with it.

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