Brad Pitt reconfort to students who were not able to enjoy his act of graduation


Between the rigorous security measures that the authorities of the united States have taken to cope with the Covid-19, est suspension bracket of the acts of graduation of this year and in light of this fact, Brad Pitt we got up the encouragement to the students with a message.

Through a video recorded especially for the promotion of the State University of Missouri, the american actor felicit to the young men for achieving their goals acadmicas.

It should be noted that the celebrity he studied in that institution, by which will definitely save a special carian and as you can see with the grabacin you did.

You must be very extrao do this in times so difficult, but I want you to know that all the support and that we will stand by you to make this world a better place, by ensuring the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie.

The words of the celebrity of 56 years were directed exclusively to this promotion, that tena scheduled for these dates, the carrying out of his act of graduation, but due to the pandemic is suspended.

This litter of young professionals are titled in the worst-case scenario imagined by them, as all they were expected to be part of the tradition of festivities and formal acts, however received a message from the winner of the Oscar Award.

What you have achieved. What they have achieved, as you enjoy, think big, and again, congratulations for everything, expres Brad Pitt.