Britney Spears recovers the bangs of the 90’s: The importance of change


Have you ever heard that phrase of ‘change or die’? Probably Britney Spears yes, since that has dared with a big change of look. The singer has decided to rescue its legendary bangs of the 90’s and this is not a simple cut of hair.

The artist has taken the photo which has shared in the social networks to explain what it means for her to wear bangs. “Who would have thought that the bangs would make you look much younger? I said goodbye to the mine in the third grade (eight-nine years in the u.s. educational system) and still remember it as if it was yesterday… For me, show my face was a very important step” he started by saying Britney Spears.

“In the south, only the beautiful people could do it, and I never felt enough beautiful as to emulate them and quit elegant. None of the girls participating in the beauty pageants wearing bangs, but that was not my thing… I had crooked teeth and I felt like an ugly duckling” he has confessed the singer. For the american was a big step to stop wearing bangs. It was part of his identity, and although he liked it, decided to submit to the fashion of the moment allowing it to grow.

“I remember that I went home and thought: ‘what better could do the same thing that the older girls and start teaching the front’. I decided to do it and it was horrible, but I was highly favored, of course, and I thought that made me seem more ‘cool’. And basically I have remained faithful to that style since then” has continued explaining under the snapshot.

Now that the singer had gotten used to his new image, without bangs, has decided to make use of scissors to go back a few years. Now your new look it reminds us that very young Britney Spears who wore two braids as he danced his big hit ‘Baby One More Time’ and we have to say that it is spectacular. And you, what do you think?