Cara Delevingne and Ashley Benson, a love story via Instagram


It all began about a year and a half. Ashley and Cara were very friendly, much, much. Both the shippeo #Cash it moved like wildfire among his followers, they all smelled like that between them had more than a beautiful friendship! Were complicit and were seen together on all sides. But there was no confirmation of this romance…

Walked arm in arm together, not saving gestures of affection between themselves… but no one could confirm that Face and Ash were living one of the stories of love more beautiful, right? Well, actually yes. Because there were those who confirmed that the caught giving a good lip-lock in one of their goodbyes. But they were just rumors! Until there were no official photo, we could not confirm anything.

So came the birthday Face, what and who was among the featured guests? Oh Ashley! If it is to get along with the colleagues of your crush is very important, and they fulfilled to the letter while they knew each other little by little and were analysing their feelings.

In October of 2018 began to engage each other messages on the network. ‘You are magical’, said Ashley. To what Face, he responded: ‘Yes, you are’. I first confirmations of dating a sight that thrilled all!

And after so much trail and so much buzz… in march of this year, 2019, came the official confirmation! It was not in the Instagram of the Face or in the Ashley, it was in one of their stylists to the return of an event. ‘Pampering post-show’, I said in the photo. I checked, it#Carash existed and were adorable!

And finally the day of the pride they decided to publish a kiss of the truthin video format, so that all their followers are contagiaran of his love:

What a nice, please! And a few days ago Face received the award for Girl Up’s #GirlHero 2019 in Beverly Hills, and did not hesitate to take advantage of this opportunity to address a few words to his beloved Ash.

‘It is very nice to have someone in my life that support me so much and I love you’, he said to E! News. ‘I am the girl luckiest in the world’, released Face. And is that the model has repeated on numerous occasions that support this relationship was not something easy for her and in her profession as a model came to tell her that if she was a lesbian, it would go nowhere.

Thus at the moment has reached to the top of the walkways, and into the hearts of millions of people who admire this relationship and feel identified with it!