Cara Delevingne, british model richer: “I’m lonely and unhappy”

Dethroned Kate Mossa british legend of the walkways. With over 40 million followers, Cara Delevingne (27) transcended the modelling to become a model full-time. According to the latest ranking of Forbes, only in 2018, with a turnover of $ 26 million, to lead their countrymen Moss and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who were around usd 10 million.

But it was not on the walkway Delevigne reaped his fortune. In addition to working as an actress (just brand new “Carnival Row”, next to Orlando Bloom), has his own company, Cara & Co; but this is not its only facet as an entrepreneur: he also serves as director for Harvey White Properties Ltd, a major firm of Real Estate that belongs to his father.

Your identity is transgressive and rebellious on the catwalk —attended the Gala at the Met in 2017 with a shaved head and dyed and silver— make up this identity that is transformed in success. Although today is an example, he admitted that he suffered depression child due to the family situation that forced her to leave the school —his mother was addicted to heroin. In addition, it is an icon of the so-called gender-fluid, a term that refers to people who feel attracted sexually by people regardless of their sex. He is currently a benchmark for the collective LGBTI.

Delevingne spoke in a recent interview of the relationship between money and happiness. “Of course I had a childhood privileged, in the sense that I was able to travel and grow in London, which was amazing for me. I have a wonderful family, and my father, who grew up not having money, is very ambitious and it was proposed to take care of his family and of all of us”.

Even so, despite having had it all from his childhood, he understood that the material is not a substitute certain emotions. “I realized that money is not everything. There is a moment in which you think: ‘Well, I’ve made a lot of money, but I’m very unhappy and super single’” he confessed Delevingne, showing that not everything that glitters is not gold.

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