Christina Aguilera shares a snippet of his new journal


LOS ANGELES (united States).- Christina Aguilera he was very sincere in a new release of Instagram. The singer spoke about her mental health while isolated himself in the midst of the pandemic coronavirus, sharing fragments of what he wrote in his journal. “Today I’m starting #DiaryDares”, subtituló the star, labeling some of his famous friends, including Demi Lovato and Lizzo.

“Especially at this time, it is essential to dig deep, to listen to ourselves and create a ‘safe space’ for each other”. The creator of hits such as “Beautiful” went on to explain that the fans could join and look inward to “share experiences, current or past, to reflect on who we want to be, how we want to live when we get out of this and what we want to leave behind.”

He also spoke on why she likes to keep a journal. “Keeps Me on the ground and centered, and allows me to reflect and hear my own voice among all the noise of this business“, he wrote. “In reviewing them, I am grateful to be able to remember how I’ve shaped my life and how my journey has led me to here.” The artist even challenged their friends such as Halle Berry, Alicia Keys and Cleo Wade to begin to share their journal entries with their fans.

I challenge you to be real, brave, remove the filters and be comfortable enough in our own individual beauty. I challenge us to join and share our feelings in an uncertain moment. Whether we can feel scared, lonely, and everything else. We challenge you to read the truths of each one and support them. Getting up each other,” he wrote, before urging his 6.8 million followers to join the movement.

Christina Aguilera recognizes the talent, where what you hear

In another order of ideas, a few weeks ago, Christina Aguilera was captivated by the talent of Melissa Gorga. So much so that he compared his voice with one of the best of all time: Mariah Carey. Melissa showed briefly your registry of whistle high as he recalled his late father-in-law Giacinto Gorga, video that led the singer to write: “Wow, you have some notes of Mariah”.