Compare the new look of Martha Debayle with Kim Kardashian what are they like?


Martha Debayle managed to leave breathless to his followers in Instagram to show off your new look where the driver showed his hair completely blonde. A resounding change where several users pointed out that it had a strong resemblance with the famous socialite Kim Kardashian.

Remember that Martha Debayle he rose to fame thanks to his various appearances on radio and television, a success that also opened the doors of the publishing world where it has become quite an expert.

Also this pretty tv presenter has managed to be placed as one of the most popular figures in social networks, where, at least in your account of Instagram, we can see that over a million followers.

Martha Debayle unveils a new look

And precisely through this platform, Martha Debayle assumed a new look on the that changed his iconic hair black to blond platinum, a change that in and of itself caused a great uproar among their fans by going to extremes.

However, the conductive clarified that this change of look is not as real as it seems, as he pointed out that it is a wig that has been using during these last days. But this did not prevent his followers to make all kinds of comments.

Compare her with Kim Kardashian

Even many of his followers on Instagram had mentioned that with this look Martha Debayle has a strong resemblance to the famous socialite and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian, who at some point also boasted a head of hair totally blonde.

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And although there is more than 10 years of difference between Kim and Martha, we have to recognize that the conductive mexican looks spectacular from head to toe regardless of the color of his mane.