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Spain it is one of the countries that most strongly has been hit by the pandemic coronavirus. In the last official report was announced

102 thousand infected and more than 9 thousand deaths. The doctors and nurses the National Health system the iberian country struggle day and night attending to the people cotagiadas of the Covid – 19 to save more lives. For this reason, it is understandable that, in the midst of the crisis, take a breather to try to clear your mind of the stress that is lived daily in the hospitals.

Such was the case of a group of health professionals who recorded a video in the empty hallways of a hospital, that became viral quickly on social networks, as the 6 appear dancing to the rhythm of “Single Ladies“of Beyoncé, dressed with the equipment to prevent the spread of the virus.

The clip begins by pointing to a wall of the hospital empty, and then the decision is full of professionals who come slowly to the stage, dancing and led by a woman, who stop being the who put the choreography and that does not stop them and ask them to move the hip to the rhythm of the song.

The Twitter user Henry Warden, who shared the video, said that “these must applaud at least two times for” maintaining intact his sense of humor in the midst of the emergency. Several users of the social network I echoed, and congratulated the medical staff to support you in your time to decompress.

However, there were a few negative comments from people which ensures that there is time to do those things, because there are people dying.

Coronavirus in Spain

Yesterday Spain scored a new record of deaths in a single day by coronavirus, with 849 people killed, while the minister Salvador Illa was holding on to that data show a stabilization of the epidemic, to be the growing number of cases in the environment of the 12 percent instead of the 20 per cent recorded until day 25.