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The rapper Cardi B has become a trend then I published stories in its account of Instagram where you will perform the hair removal wax at home and she finished screaming.

The singer rose to their stories an image with a text in which he said that that is “the day of pain”, in reference to waxing. In the following clip you see the singer on the bed stating that it is ready for the procedure.

Cardi B screams of pain by waxing

Take the hand of one of her companions to endure the pain, but ends up screaming when you pull to remove the waxed paper. In addition, the rapper also chose to perform his very distinctive manicure and pedicure, which also showed in their social networks.

The manicure that made the singer Cardi B. (@iamcardib).
The manicure that made the singer Cardi B. (@iamcardib).

It should be noted, the singer Cardi B announced in early April that he would donate along with the signature of “fashion Nova” a total of a million dollars to people who have been affected by the pandemic coronavirus.

In addition, prior to this announced donation. The singer of origins latino pointed out that what was gained with your theme viral “Coronavirus” it would also be given to families that have been affected by the COVID-19.


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Cardi B is a tribute to Camilo Sesto

Cardi B is a tribute to Camilo Sesto