David Bisbal offered to his followers as a coach, “online”



Dressed in their sports uniform, and in the midst of a refreshing drink of water: thus he introduced the singer David Bisbal to his followers in his last publication of Instagram to defend the need to stay physically active during these times of confinement in domestic linked to the crisis of the coronavirus.

The interpreter almeria, who recently released a new single with the singer Aitana Ocaña -a very dance of their topic ‘If you want’- and, in addition, combined with mastery of their professional work with its numerous responsibilities as a father and husband, have been encouraged even to offer a fitness class to internet users to raise awareness about the importance of sports activity and, of step, to give you a few tricks to get the most out of the day.

“Do not know when it will return everything to normal, but meanwhile, preparation! Why didn’t we think to do an online training all together one day of these?”, les has proposed to the music star in the message that accompanies the photo, an initiative that, as is clear from the vast majority of the comments that it has generated, has excited delighted his fans. “Do you coach? Come on, I’m in, even though he dies in the attempt,” he joked one user.

Just a few days ago, both Bisbal as Rosanna Zanetti made the delights of the virtual community with an elaborate choreography to salsa song cited above, all this by means of a video that was left pleasantly impressed fans of both and that, above all, highlighted the sense of rhythm that is still exhibiting the venezuelan despite the fact that your center of gravity has been slightly altered as a result of her second pregnancy.

“Rosanna is in their sauce, but I mix everything with a bit of tropical and andalusian. I hope you like it and I will be happy to receive your dancing too!”, wrote the artist in your profile.