Demi Lovato also finds what to wear


As many of us goes, Demi Lovato does not see what to wear. Also has days in which to empty the contents of their wardrobe on the bed to look for the perfect attire and, in the end, just by a few simple jeans and a sweatshirt.

A lot of clothes in the closet and nothing to wear: sure this situation is familiar to many people and celebrities also face this dilemma, especially now that we are not close to your stylists to decide for them what attire will be each morning.

The singer Demi Lovato it was proposed a long time ago not to sour your life on social networks, and if you don’t find anything in their large dressing room with what feels favored, has no objection in sharing it with their fans.

Demi Lovato also finds what to wear

This Wednesday, without going any further, published in Instagram a photograph in which poses in front of a mirror dressed with some jeans high-waisted, a t-shirt crop-top with patterned flames on the sleeves and a striking glasses oranges.

Demi Lovato couple woman
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This type of image, taken in mode selfie, it is very common in the social networks of young stars, but the main novelty in this case is that Demi did not bother to try to hide the disorder that reigned in his room. Behind her you can see perfectly a tower of coats and pants, piled on top of each other.

“So, the end of my bed every time I seen. How someone else happens the same?”he asked all his followers.

But who am I?

The buzz is that organized before I found that set is explained by the fact that it was the first time in months that encouraged in to put on jeans instead of workout clothes, and I wanted to immortalize the moment.

“I’ve put my jeans, yes, but who am I?”, has joked.

In February, Demi he confessed in an interview with Ashley Graham that was an eternity that did not wear jeans because they made it arise their insecurities.

“Do not make me feel good, and if I don’t want to give me those, I don’t have to give me those, gosh”said at the time.

Jumps to the view that their self-esteem has since improved and is back to feeling quite comfortable in their own skin as well as giving them another chance.

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By: Bang Showbiz