Demi Lovato on Rihanna: “I Just want to kiss her”


Demi Lovato it is in full promotion of his new song, I Love Mewhere she sings the self-love and self-acceptance. This is why there is offering interviews in different media, including the television program Ellen Degeneres. There the singer spoke in a sincere way, and he confessed something about Rihanna that has left the public shocked: “I Just want to kiss her”.

The conversation between Demi Lovato and Ellen Degeneres was smooth and you could tell that the artist felt comfortable on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. In the conversation we maintained, Demi Lovato he made reference to how much I admired Rihanna.

Demi Lovato.

Demi Lovato.
(IG: @ddlovato)

In fact, the singer admitted that he had come to send a proposal of collaborative music that Ellen Degeneres wanted to know if you had received a response. “Did not answer, but nothing happens. Not offends me because she is Rihanna”replied Demi.

What no one expected was that Demi Lovato confessed that in addition to the musical, I was also interested in Rihanna in another sense: “Look, I just want to kiss her. Well, we could also make a collaboration togetherthe kiss maybe we could see it in the video, I don’t know”.


The statements have been made viral and made the public of the set broke out in a huge applause. Let’s remember that Demi Lovato it has been declared openly bisexual and that is an advocate for the rights of the LGBTI community+.

His latest track,
I Love Me
, has achieved over 14 million views since it was launched five days agoa fantastic story that connects to the next tour Demi. The tour, which is scheduled to start in the month of June, take her to Europe and Latin America.

Demi Lovato on 'I Love Me'

Demi Lovato on ‘I Love Me’