Do you gossip? Wife of Messi confesses to the total of surgery that is Shakira


The wife of Messi, Antonela Rocuzzo, has revealed to the Spanish press, the number of surgeries to which it has submitted to the colombian singer Shakira.

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This statements had been given in 2019, in a ‘press conference‘ in which they spoke of the enmity of these two women. In this supposedly Antonela confessed that the sculpted body of Shakira it was not thanks to the sport work that was done, but that was because I had gone through several cosmetic procedures.

Among the surgeries are liposuction, rhinoplasty, a facelift (to remove wrinkles) and a mentoplasty. If we recall the first time we saw Shakira something changed it was in 2008, because her nose looked different.

According to rumors, it is mentioned that between these two women there is a very good relationship, all because argentina is a very good friend of former la Pique, Nuria Tomas, and according to her, Shak stood in the way of that relationship.

But, the question is Why this comes to light until now?