Do you regret? Josh Hutcherson (Peeta) is sincere about his ordeal in ‘The Hunger Games’


The phenomenon of ‘The Hunger Games‘changed the lives of its actors forever. The film adaptation of the books by Suzanne Collins marked a whole generation and continue to have an army of fans, as demonstrated by the stir by its prequel, ‘Ballad of songbirds, and snakes’.

However, the experience also had to be overwhelming for Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson. The actor who gave life to Peeta, one of the most beloved characters, this has not been so present in the eye of the media since then.

Now Hutcherson it has been opened up to more than ever about his difficult experience with the saga, how to she took away his innocence and think about if she would accept a opportunity as well. Your amazing and honest words, in the video above.

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