Does Ariana Grande pregnant and without makeup, what’s happening?


MEXICO.— The singer Ariana Grande new account again the theme of all talkshowever, on this occasion they are two reasons which is placed in the list of the most sought after.

The first is thanks to the images that have been shared with a fan where, thanks to Photoshop, you can see Ariana wearing your natural beauty.

The second are also a few alleged pictures that would reveal the course of pregnancy the interpreter of “Thank u next”.

A skin free of makeup

The user, identified as @Monnlightrecolourr he imagined how it would look like Ariana Grande without makeupdue to the large amount of free time that you have for the quarantine, was given the task of display no filters.

The fan of the actress also, shared a few edited images; in them you can see how he withdrew completely filters of Instagram.

The result has been so impressive that even those who are not fans of the singer has issued a comment flattering.

Do a pregnancy?

A couple of images that are already circulating in social networks, are the ones that have unleashed the intrigue about whether Ariana is expecting a baby.

However, prior to these snapshots, the singer shared in their stories of Instagram a video, in it you can see Alfredo Flores, and Victoria Monét carrying a couple of gifts and balloons that seem to be for a baby.

This and the fact that the few minutes you have shared it deleted it, has been “proof” enough for that los fans think that Ariana is pregnant.

At the moment none of the two issues that are putting Ariana in the look at have been clarified or denied.- With information from El Universal and the Tribune.

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