Edgar Wright confirms that one of his most successful films will be released in cinemas


The director has an interesting repertoire of films that have become a hallmark of pop culture, but nothing like that will see his triumphant return to the big screen. The plan is to go glittery old-time movies but dear to go about measuring the influx of people in the halls, this can give you a second chance to this production that is not raised invested. ‘Scott Pilgrim’ will be released in cinemas as the director himself asserts, what will be who is planning a sequel?

The idea is pretty simple, a man falls in love with a woman and to achieve to be with her will have to face their ex-partners. What’s interesting in this story is the way it is narrated. Based on the graphic novel by Bryan Lee O’malley, they used all kinds of references to pop culture, video games, music and even comics. With a larger budget to $ 80 million, was a blow to see as just raised $ 41 million, but to get to the sale at Bru-ray was much better and in fact it quickly became a cult film.

Much has been talked about a sequel, which would be pretty interesting at this point that the actors (mostly) have a career more solid in Hollywood. Michael Cera played Scott Pilgrim and the last time we saw him in something successful was in ‘The Lego Batman Movie’ as the voice of Robin; Mary Elizabeth Winstead was Ramona Flowers who we saw this year in ‘Birds of Prey’ as the Huntress; Anna Kendrick impersonated Stacey Pilgrim and secure you can remember it by the trilogy of ‘Pitch Perfect’; on the other hand is the beloved Captain America, Chris Evans as one of the ex of Ramona, Luke Lee; we must not forget a very young Captain Marvel, Brie Larson, whom we heard singing as Natalie V. “Envy” Adams; and we cannot avoid to mention to the Superman, Brandon Routh who played Todd Ingram, one of the ex boyfriends.

Released originally in 2010, ‘Scott Pilgrim’ will be released in cinemas soon, as revealed by the director himself who is very excited about it and recalled that in July will mark the tenth anniversary of its premiere, this is the perfect time to be able to give the numbers of income that they deserve an excellent movie that was recently viewed by the public and the director so remote, so there are many pictures of the behind the scenes on Twitter, as well as messages of the actors, who continued to be for many years after the end of production.