Emilia Clarke doesn’t help your work and you have “unlucky in love”

The british actress Emilia Clarke, best-known for playing Daenerys Targaryen in the series of HBO, “Game of Thrones” began his artistic career since 2007 until the present, throughout its life as an actress, she has played various roles in the world of cinema, in which interestingly their partners lose their lives, for some strange reason, plot, or circumstance, staying single.

In the famous series “Game of Thrones”, an infected wound became the order of Khal Drogo, husband of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke), in love and pregnant, she was betrayed by a witch that did that to lose the child she was expecting, he killed the horse in a spell of blood and left Khal catatonic and in a state of vegetation. So that she was obliged to stifle her own husband.

It is the love story between Louisa Clark and William Traynor in the film “Me before you”; Will a rich young man who, in consequence of an accident, is quadriplegic, and is cared for by a beautiful young woman (Emilia Clarke), with the passage of time they both fall in love. However that was not enough for Will to well, you still decide to apply euthanasia to love you.

In the movie “Single: A history of Star Wars, young Han Solo manages to escape from a planet where it is pursued, but is behind his beloved Qi ra (Emilia Clarke), the contravandista promises to return for her. After a series of adventures across the galaxy, faces Tobias Beckett, and discovers that he is the husband of his previous love, in the confrontation he was murdered, leaving a widow to her beloved.

Another tape where Emilia Clarke doesn’t have “lucky in love” is “Last Christmas” in where Kate (Clarke) lives and unhappy working as an elf in a holiday shop that is open all year round, when Tom (Henry Golding) appears in her life, she begins to be more optimistic, but come December, everything seems to be against the couple, after a time, she was looking for him and found a real estate agent, who informed him that the previous owner had died, in that moment she understood that the heart that now beats in his chest was Tom and that he was only visible to her.


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