Ex-girlfriend of Maluma reveals if you have suffered infidelity and how is your ideal man


The model responded to various questions that were asked of their followers to your account Instagram.

6 May 2020 11:17By: canalrcn.com

Since it became known that Natalia Barulich was girlfriend of Maluma, the media have not stopped to follow in his footsteps, as the woman has been regarded as one of the young most sensual of not only the world of modeling but also of the social networks.

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Recently through his official account of Instagram the famous decided to interact with his fans and asked them to ask different questions about their life that they would like to know, so that the users agreed to this dynamic and she’s very friendly and honestly answered.

One of the things that most called my attention was when one of the users asked: “Have you ever been cheated? Can you give us any advice on how to handle that?”.

To what Natalia said: “yes, and it is the worst. What is most disgusting in the world when you love someone deeply.All I can say is that don’t try to “handle it”, only salt of this situation until someone who doesn’t go through that misery.”

Also the young man revealed that he wants to someday get married, have children and mentioned what was her ideal man “someone who is funny, honest, loyal, intelligent, loving, independent, and of course I have to feel attracted to him”.

Barulich finally showed that one of the things that she likes is to have distance relationship as mentioned:“I love long-distance relationships. In reality, every relationship I’ve ever been on has been long distance and I am talking about very distant places”.

“I love my space, so it’s nice to be together and then have time for yourself, in addition, when you have to wait to be together again, makes every event much more special”, concluded Barulich.

Here you can see the answers of the dancer (in English):

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