“Fall in love take care of yourself”, Britney Spears


The Britney schoolgirl, the intergalactic, the one with the boa at the neck. There are so many versions of this pop star, the Oracle could have pointed to any of them, but put your eye on the Britney of 2007, fresh out of a hair salon in California, bald and attacking a paparazzi with an umbrella. The image became an infamous representation of the mental breakdown, and the private life of Britney in a media circus. What is certain is that the young singer has already struggled with issues of addiction and domestic violence and were just a few looks compassionate about your situation.

Beyond the humor that surrounded this incident, some have wanted to see in the fact that she is rid of your hair a radical gesture of renunciation of the traditional beauty, virgin and child that gave him his fame. Because from this point, the body of Britney became the object of attention, criticism, and laughter, very different from what is conjured in the past. No longer was a little girl tender or a sexy young. He was a human being determined and to the brink of insanity.

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His is a tragic story, but it hides an important lesson. After many attempts to heal, Britney Spears ended up taking charge of your addiction and your mental health, reencontrándose finally with his power. Has been able to reinvent itself, to overlap and now recognize that if we don’t take care of ourselves, it is impossible that you are good. For her, the learning was that of knowing how to deal with the prison that is the fame. And the Oracle reminds us that if Britney was able to overcome its crisis, we can also our own. Whatever they may be.

  • The beauty has no price tag: In a million dollars tried to sell the hair of Britney the barber that shaved off on eBay, but the company declined the post by going against their policy.
  • Less than 24 hours: In 2007, Britney came in and out for less than a day to various rehabilitation centres. They had to spend years to take the process of coping with their addictions seriously.
  • It’s human! The fan of Britney, Chris Crocker, made famous the same year that the singer had his crisis for a video on Youtube that was crying asking to leave in peace.