Filtered photo of Hailey Baldwin before her alleged rhinoplasty –


The model, and wife of Justin Bieber was ‘accused’ by the haters of having undergone a plastic surgery of nose.

The world of social networking can be very cruel and very fake and the celebrities are exposed both to fans who love them as haters, that just want to harm its image, this time it was to Hailey Baldwin, who is the accused in a notorious rhinoplasty, and circulated a photo that became viral on the social networks.

In these last hours, was circulating in the network a picture of the wife of Justin Bieber with the before and after of a suspected nose surgery, and many people say that the image is retouched and that Hailey never had the nose as well in his teenage years.

In the instagram intended to unveil constantly operations of famous, Beauty Created, denied that the operation of Baldwin is so pronounced and ensured that the photo of the before, it was retouched .

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“No other photo of #haileybaldwin he sees that nose, only in this photo, and the eye, I think that if you have a retouch at the tip of the nose, but before Hailey is not so, wrote in the publication, and added another photo, this time without any editing, where you could see the wall of the model much more different to the photo with photoshop.