Go Back Luismi! Diego Boneta announced when it will premiere the second season of the series of Luis Miguel


The strip was a success, and Netflix is willing to give the fans what they really expect: the second season of the series of Luis Miguel. Finally, lfter a long and multi-million dollar negotiation with the mexican singer, they recorded the second part of the story “The Sun” that will be the most glamorous of the artist, as well as their famous love affairs.

In this context, Netflix and Diego Boneta –who plays the singer in the fiction – happy fans by releasing two major news in their respective accounts of Tik Tok, by the way, in the social network that more popularity gained during the quarantine. One of them is that the second part already has a release date, but will have to wait until next year.

Recalling that far-off advance of the second part where Boneta singing from a music studio “How is it possible that my side” – playing singer, the actor made a parody from your kitchen to describe as it is going through the quarantine by the pandemic. In that moment, changed his improvised microphone by a sign that read: “Luis Miguel T2-2021”.

Miguel Alemán Magnani, a friend of the singer and executive producer of the series said that this second installment will reveal strengths and difficult in the life of the artist. “I hope you come because it is a continuation, with very important things and equally strong, hard. Is all that remains of the life of a star, since there are not many,” he said.

The first part traveled to the beginning of the career of the musician until he was 22 years old. For this reason, it is not excluded that this second season detail the romances more important in the life of Luis Miguel, as the bonds of love we forged with Mariah Carey, Daisy Fuentes, Salma Hayek and Aracely Arámbula, among others.

One of the keys of the first part of the series Netflix was the enthralling hidden history of “The Sun” mexico: the stormy parent-child relationship and the road to success of the singer were the hooks to attract the audience. This, in addition, was added to the story of the disappearance of the mother of Luis Miguel, Marcela Basteri, as well as the effort of the artist to find it.

But for the musician agreed to tell his story, the production had to put on the table for about five million dollars. Carlos Bremer, president of VALUE, the group that finances the production of the series, it was announced that the singer had taken this sum to give the nod to the first part of the strip that shut down the social networks with memes and opinions.

In this way, Boneta was announced that he learned to make bread during the isolation and, most importantly, that the set of luis miguel will return in 2021. “I have two news: 1 @diego, he learned to make bread and 2… #WaitForIt #LuisMiguelLaSerie #HolaNetflix Luis Miguel The series Season 2 arrives in 2021”, said the actor in his publication of Tik-Tok.


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