Hailee Steinfeld and his trick final to wear a ‘wave’disc


“Curly hair is very complicated”, “it Is impossible to dormarlo”, “there are Not many hairstyles that can be done”… how Many times have you heard comments of this type? And it is that, while it is true that these manes require more care, when you get to learn how to make the most of them are very much appreciated and beautiful. It ended up that obsessed with do away with your curls alisándolos constantly or ‘hiding them’ in buns and ponytails, it’s time to look your picture more natural and’t show off of ‘pelazo’. And if not, tell that to Hailee Steinfeldthat caused a sensation at the premiere of the third installment of the movie Giving the note sporting a beautiful mane curly.

Hailee Steinfeld and her mane curlyVIEW GALLERY

The look the actress and singer is perfect for the holidays and you can serve as inspiration if you have a mane like yours, and you want to become the center of all eyes. How? To avoid the ‘effect leone’, his trick is made the stripe to one side to show off a picture more sweet and pick up some strands from the top with a forkgiving a bit of volume simulating a lightweight toupee. You can do this by resorting to the crooked, that have been so fashionable lately, or with a few small braids to avoid the release of some pelito. “Beautiful wave drive to the gorgeous @haileesteinfeld”, has written in his social networks stylist Gregory Russell, who was in charge of styling the actress.

Hailee Steinfeld and her mane curlyVIEW GALLERY

There are many types of loops (closed or open, small or large, more or less foscos…), but there are two keys that you must take into account: the cut and the products of styling that you are using. By nature, these hairs are more encrespados and tend, by their structure, to dehydration more than the rest. So, if you want to look a mane as beautiful as that of Hailee, you have to take into account these tips:

Choose either the court: Take advantage of are the manes midi or type long bob, and go to your hairdresser of confidence to join this trend. In addition, it is important that you sanees every three months. Do not let pass more time, as it will lose its shape.

Hydration: As we say, are hairs that require more care to look perfect, that is why it is important that you apply a face mask once or twice a week. Do a trick? Wear at the time you get in the shower and so I will be doing a lot more of an effect while you shower.

Drying: You can let it dry on the hair in the air, but at this time of year it is best to use the dryer if you want to avoid resfriarte. In this case, it is very important that you put a diffuser so that the curl is with more body. If you want to give it more volume, do it with your head upside down, you’ll see what a difference! Once dry, you can leave your curl natural or you can use a tenacilla to mark the waves and make them a little more open or a little more closed.

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Products styling: We used to apply it means to ends, and we forget that the strength of the curl is at the root. If you like the foam of curls, with the hair humerus apply all over the hair and spread the product with a comb of tines wide. When it is dry, you can give it an extra shine by applying a few drops of oil on the palm of your hand and spread it through all your hair with the fingers.

Accessories: Can become your greatest allies for change look in a matter of seconds. From headbands, to bows, passing through forks, pins or clips, I have fun trying different hairstyles!