Hailee Steinfeld will launch a new song for their upcoming series on Apple TV


Afterlife” it will be the new single of the career as a singer Hailee Steinfeld. Beyond his big moment in the film industry, the artist will seek to establish itself in the music of this 19 of September, date chosen for the presentation of the single that will be part of the soundtrack of their upcoming series on the streaming service of Apple.

“This is a song that I’m incredibly proud of, and I feel that after you play this character, I have a bolder approach to my writing,” he shared Steinfeld in the TV Festival of Tribeca in New York city on Saturday night, where he talked about how the security that gives your good time in the cinema to make music.

“Dickinson”, an article from the age on Emily Dickinson with a modern touch, and comedian, is the first television series to full-time Steinfeld. With she experienced another great scoop to present the program at the event: “Dickinson” is the first in a series of Apple TV Plus it is being released to the public, and did so well before the launch of the new streaming service on the 1st of November.

The creator and showrunner of the series, Alena Smith, described “Dickinson” as a “crazy version psychedelic the decade of 1850”. “It is a collage giant and strange. The music is a direct root in your brain,” Smith explained. “With Hailee’s character, who has a double life as a pop star and film; my hope is that the music makes you feel everything that Emily wants to explode.”

For Steinfeld, who also works as executive producer on the series, the music was a main factor to attract them to the project. Billie Eilish is the backdrop to the show, and “Dickinson” even brought to the rapper Wiz Khalifa to interpret Death in a role of guest. (Other guest stars include comedian John Mulaney and the girl of “Girls,” Zosia Mamet, who’s going to be a parody of Louisa May Alcott.)

The modern additions serve as tools to help to transmit thoughts into the mind of Dickinson, which are represented in the production of Apple TV as a wild, capricious and much more imaginative than what we usually assume that life is static, who lived in the NINETEENTH century in Amherst, Massachusetts.

“Sits in the corner of your room writing, looking out the window and there is a world out there, but even bigger in your mind,” said Steinfeld, adding that the program has “comedic moments and incredible dark humor, dramatic moments, and all that is between them. It really reflects everything that there is in his poetry, that it is every emotion possible,” closed the actress who will be a new addition in the movie universe of Marvel.