Hailey Baldwin and the gift of $ 10,000 with the have been surprised that Justin Bieber


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber are one of the couples fashion most influential of the moment, which have redefined the concept of the power couple. After overcoming all the setbacks that made him change his relationship on several occasions in the past year, finally gave the ‘I do’ in a private ceremony later repeated by all high, in which the model wore nothing more and nothing less than three wedding dresses. And as love has no price, the couple did not scrimp on expenses when choosing their gifts. Since the suspension of $ 90,000 that Hailey gave it to Justin, the diamond watch that he bought on the occasion of his 23rd birthday, there are many times that their fans have been amazed with the excesses of the boast. And Valentine’s day would not be less.

Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin

According to the magazine People, Hailey Baldwin wanted to have a detail with your husband and gave him a sculpture in the shape of ice cream with more than 12,200 crystals set by hand, the price of which amounted to $ 10,000, a few 9.232 euros approximately. The creator of this work is the artist Give Life, famous among Hollywood stars for their excluisvos designs. In fact, it was he who created the piece of Beanie Baby that Kylie Jenner bought for a price of $ 12,000 in the charity event organized by Hailey and Justin with the aim of raising funds for the organization Inner-City Arts. Give Life was also responsible for designing the red boots that Shakira wore in her performance of the Super Bowl.

Hailey Baldwin with a bouquet of roses

For his part, Justin Bieber also wanted to surprise his wife and organized a romantic dinner in your home. The singer shared several videos on their social networks in which we can see how he decorated the room with roses, candles and petals fell from the main room creating a path to the table. The model was also photographed at the exit of a spa together with her husband, with a bouquet of red roses and white in the hand.

Hailey and Justin Bieber at a party

However, the expensive detail of Hailey was not simply to celebrate the day of lovers. And is that yesterday went on sale the last album of Justin Bieber, Changesa date that the couple wanted to celebrate in style with family and friends an unforgettable party. As a tribute to the model, published a photograph of the album cover in your account of Instagram, next to a text which read: “I could not be more happy that people can finally hear this album…I could not be more proud of you, I could not be more in love with you. Congratulations on this fantastic album baby.” Later, both she and Justin shared videos and images to your social networks of the above-mentioned feast, in which there was no shortage of games, music and cakes decorated with the cover of his album.